Software & Hardware

May 7 , 2020

Axial Scanning using an ETL

Equipping a two-photon microscope with an electrically tunable lens (ETL), allowed us to obtain optical vertical slices of the whole-mounted retina. In Zhao et al. (2020), we describe the ETL implementation and demonstrate the usefulness of such axial scans by presenting the temporal structure of the inner retina at "a single glance".


May 25, 2019

Open Visual Stimulator

This repository holds the resources for a flexible, spatial visual stimulator with up to 6 chromatic channels. It combines commercial digital light processing (DLP) devices with open hard- and software components that can be easily adapted to the experimentalist’s specific needs.


December 15, 2016

QDSpy v.77 beta

A software for generating and presenting stimuli for visual neuroscience. It is written in Python 3.x and based on QDS, a software developed at the former MPI for Medical Research in Heidelberg. QDSpy uses OpenGL and primarly targets Windows 7 (and above). For details, see repository and documentation.

Note that this is an early beta version


For more software, see github - eulerlab.